So today I was trying to listen to one of my favorite records on my studio. And after I put my vinyl in my record player I noticed something strange on the cover of my vinyl. After a quick inspection, I realized that a cockroach was lying down under the Vinyl.

Since my records are one of my most precious treasures, I started to deeply clean my vinyl collection and the furniture around the room. My cockroach problem was imminent when I found a couple of cockroaches roaming through the sofa.

So I decided to take this problem seriously and arrange a list of what are the best methods to get rid of these creatures and have your vinyl collection safe again. Keep in mind that these methods contain a set of rules that have to be followed carefully since a lot of steps involve the use of poison and other dangerous substances.

Using Boric Acid

Now boric acid is a traditional way to keep these little creatures off your vinyl collection. I recommend boric acid if you think your cockroach problem can be handled easily, it is pretty cheap and widely known for being effective.

Just by putting a little pinch of boric acid in the corners of the room or behind the pieces of furniture can be effective. Just remember to replace this product after mopping, since the powder can get wet and lose its efficiency.

The way boric acid works is by getting into the legs of the cockroaches as they walk by. They eat this powder and then get poisoned. Within a week or two they’ll die and leave their corpse as proof that the powder worked.

Roach Gel

If you are dealing with a lot of cockroaches in your studio and want to get rid of them fast, Roach gel might do the trick for you. Since it specializes in killing a lot of roaches quickly just by putting a small amount of gel in a corner or a crack on the floor.

This method is simple. If a cockroach eats a piece of the gel and goes to its nest, it will die in about two or three hours. After that, other cockroaches eat it and die as well. With just a single piece of gel, you can end up killing more than 30 cockroaches at once. Just remember to replace it weekly and you’ll be just fine.

Using Cockroach Bait

Bait is a good option if you think the other two can’t do the work. It is safe to say that this method is great if you have pets or kids in your home since it is almost impossible to get poisoned with the bait.

Just place the bait close the trashcan or under the sink. The bait works pretty similarly as the other methods and it can be replaced every three months or so. Making it useful in terms of durability if you think you are going to deal with cockroaches for a while.

Now with these three alternatives, you can finally end up your problem with cockroaches. And have a clean and safe place for your records. Keep in mind that keeping your place organized and clean can avoid having future problems with these little insects again.