People say it is therapeutic to write your feelings down, as putting them on paper may help you work on them or get organized. For the American country music singer and songwriter Ashley Monroe, writing has always been a way for her to manage her feelings and emotions, mostly with anxiety.

In her new single Hard on a Heart and part of her new album Sparrow, Monroe talks a little bit about personal issues and her struggle with anxiety.

Health Issues

Ashley says she believes it all started when her father died. She was just a teenager, that is when the anxiety began and her heart started to beat too fast. Ever since that moment, she went to the doctor and they made all kind of studies on her heart but found everything to be ok. She has a healthy heart.

Dealing with Anxiety

She describes therapy-thon as the process of dealing with past traumas that needed it to be healed and the new challenges of life that keep her on an emotional journey. For her writing about all of that has helped, although her heart still triples its speed.

Writing and Recording The Single

Hard on a Heart is a song addressed to Monroe’s heart and the way she feels about her anxiety. The process of writing it and then recording it was totally different. She wrote it really slowly. She was trying to process everything. So when her producer Dave Cobb challenged her to speed it up, she thought she could not do it, but it actually sounded faster, more like her heartbeats.

It is common that songwriters express their own feelings in their songs, that is what makes them real and what helps fans to really bond with their favorite artists. Monroe is without any doubt a talented singer and the fact that she makes real talk in her songs is even better.