The Homework – Essential Albums in your Country Music Journey

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February 28, 2019

Now when we talk about music and essential records in our collection, we have to stop for a moment and think about the classic albums that we had on our shelves. And count how much of these albums are from the country genre.

Country music is an incredible music genre that has a soft spot in every album collection of a music fan. That’s why is surprising how little fame this genre has nowadays. But now it is the time to talk about the country and their biggest contributions to music.

So grab your pen and notebook. Because we are going to tell you the best picks in country music, and which are the albums that you can’t miss in your vinyl collection.

Miranda Lambert – Revolution

Before getting into Revolution, let’s stop for a moment and talk about Miranda Lambert. Now, Miranda Lambert has been into country music for a while, and she has earned a good spot as one of the favorite female singers of the genre.

Revolution being her third record has been praised since it first came out back in 2009. This country album is full of emotion and sadness that can only be expressed through the sounds of the distinguished guitar of country music sound.

George Strait – Beyond the Blue Neon

Let’s talk about classics in country music, and what a better classic than one of the best hits of George Strait “Beyond the Blue Neon”. This ten-track record is packed with singles that can put a smile on your face. It has a sweet spot in the hearts of every country fan.

George Strait was also known for putting a lot of emotion into his songs. And “Beyond the Blue Neon” is a great example of this. Many of George’s songs on this album have reached praise from critics and have even earned a spot at Billboard’s country chart back in 1989.

Reba McEntire – My kind of Country

The beautiful Reba McEntire makes a great spot on this list with her album “My kind of Country” considered by many to be a masterpiece beyond the sounds of country and probably the best work of Reba McEntire.

This being her 8th album, Reba shows her experience working with country music and ends up making an enjoyable album that is easy to listen, even if you aren’t well familiar with the classic sounds of Country music.

Alabama – Mountain Music

The mighty group Alabama finally makes their appearance in this list with “Mountain music”. This being their most successful album both commercially and musically, it shows a great performance with songs such as “Take me down” and the one that gives the title to the album, “Mountain Music”.

Alabama has a unique sound in the country music that makes them one-of-a-kind. Mountain Music was first introduced back in 1982. To this day, it stands as one of the most memorable classics of country music.

Country music definitively is one of the best genres to listen if you want songs that are filled with emotion and sweet melodies. With these classics, you’ll delight your ears with the sweet sounds of country music.

3 Facts about Ashley Monroe’s New Hard On A Heart

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October 30, 2018

People say it is therapeutic to write your feelings down, as putting them on paper may help you work on them or get organized. For the American country music singer and songwriter Ashley Monroe, writing has always been a way for her to manage her feelings and emotions, mostly with anxiety.

In her new single Hard on a Heart and part of her new album Sparrow, Monroe talks a little bit about personal issues and her struggle with anxiety.

Health Issues

Ashley says she believes it all started when her father died. She was just a teenager, that is when the anxiety began and her heart started to beat too fast. Ever since that moment, she went to the doctor and they made all kind of studies on her heart but found everything to be ok. She has a healthy heart.

Dealing with Anxiety

She describes therapy-thon as the process of dealing with past traumas that needed it to be healed and the new challenges of life that keep her on an emotional journey. For her writing about all of that has helped, although her heart still triples its speed.

Writing and Recording The Single

Hard on a Heart is a song addressed to Monroe’s heart and the way she feels about her anxiety. The process of writing it and then recording it was totally different. She wrote it really slowly. She was trying to process everything. So when her producer Dave Cobb challenged her to speed it up, she thought she could not do it, but it actually sounded faster, more like her heartbeats.

It is common that songwriters express their own feelings in their songs, that is what makes them real and what helps fans to really bond with their favorite artists. Monroe is without any doubt a talented singer and the fact that she makes real talk in her songs is even better.