After, being nominated seven times for a Grammy award, the proclaimed by The Wall Street Journal as the “New Queen of Bluegrass”, this year Rhonda Vincent finally got the award she deserved.

Making history, in the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, new Rhonda Vincent’s album ‘All the Rage: Volume One’ resulted in a tie. Being all that a fan could want and expect from its favorite artist her new compilation demonstrated that she can make of bluegrass a famous and well-known music genre.

‘The rage’ shows a complete journey from all her top and favorites hits with the live concert, which is a-must-see performance available in DVD for all her bluegrass music fans to feel closer with such kind of music.

The Recording Was Unforgettable

The album was recorded in Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee, where hundreds of spectators then could listen to the 14 tracks in 1-hour concert event that was one of the most satisfying experiences for all bluegrass music fans.


The opening song ’Muleskinner Blues’ is a perfect song to get people in the mood, although the CD has really good energy, and it also has two songs more country styled and slower than the rest of the album. Those songs, called ‘Missouri Moon’ and ‘I’ve Forgotten You’, were both a hit during the concert.

Her Voice Is Captivating

Throughout the album, Vincent does a great job. Her ranges and clear voice capture everyone listening. It also remarkable that, each member of the band had their chance to shine at least in one song, what shows the balance of talent among members of the band.

This album collects both relaxing and happy styles, which is the true spirit of Rhonda Vincent and The Rage, the satisfying and breathtaking sound of peace.

The album was released on November 11, 2016, and it is expected to have a second volume with more than 30 songs recorded that fan s expect to win Grammy again. There is not a date established yet, but sure fans cannot wait to see and listen what is next of Vincent and The Rage.