The Bluegrass Grammy Award is presented at the general ceremony of Grammy Awards, which, fun fact, was first called by the name of Gramophone Awards. This category praises the top quality works of artists who perform in the bluegrass music genre.

Some of the categories include those who value technical proficiency, excellence, album sales, positions in charts and honors to artistic achievements. All of these awards are given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of USA.

It Was a Pleasant Surprise

This event started as a single prize given to a performer of Bluegrass but continued to develop until being an event that rewards from producers to artists and albums from the genre. It is hosted once a year, and this year was as outstanding as the previous ones.

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards were celebrated on January 28th, 2018 in The Madison Square Garden, New York City.  And the bluegrass industry happened to be included in the list of award categories this year, being placed among some other music genres was a success for this kind of music industry.

Rhonda Vincent Stole the Show

This was the perfect night to give the opportunity to amazing artists to make history in the world of music and Rhonda Vincent and The Infamous Stringdusters took that chance. They were the highlight of the night, thanks to their many achievements that were recognized at the ceremony.

Rhonda Vincent has been nominee 7 times to the Grammys, before winning the award in 2018 with her album All the Rage: In Concert Volume One Live. With more than 40 decades of a successful career, The Wall Street Journal rightfully proclaimed her “The New Queen of Bluegrass”.

There Was a Well-Deserved Tie with The Infamous Stringdusters

On the contrary, The Infamous Stringdusters have been nominated only 2 times to the Grammys, winning in 2018 with their album Laws Of Gravity. But they outstand thanks to their experience that includes 12 years of career. Nowadays, The Infamous Stringdusters are a top-trending band acclaimed by bluegrass critics.

The night was epic when for the first time in the history of Best Bluegrass Album category, the results came on a tie, both Rhonda Vincent and The Rage and The Infamous Stringdusters came out as winners of the night.

It is always nice to see that genres that are not commonly popularized among young folks actually have a representation in events like these, that reward talent and amazing contributions to music. Bluegrass music is filled with many talented artists who deserve recognition from the industry.