The Homework – Essential Albums in your Country Music Journey

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February 28, 2019

Now when we talk about music and essential records in our collection, we have to stop for a moment and think about the classic albums that we had on our shelves. And count how much of these albums are from the country genre.

Country music is an incredible music genre that has a soft spot in every album collection of a music fan. That’s why is surprising how little fame this genre has nowadays. But now it is the time to talk about the country and their biggest contributions to music.

So grab your pen and notebook. Because we are going to tell you the best picks in country music, and which are the albums that you can’t miss in your vinyl collection.

Miranda Lambert – Revolution

Before getting into Revolution, let’s stop for a moment and talk about Miranda Lambert. Now, Miranda Lambert has been into country music for a while, and she has earned a good spot as one of the favorite female singers of the genre.

Revolution being her third record has been praised since it first came out back in 2009. This country album is full of emotion and sadness that can only be expressed through the sounds of the distinguished guitar of country music sound.

George Strait – Beyond the Blue Neon

Let’s talk about classics in country music, and what a better classic than one of the best hits of George Strait “Beyond the Blue Neon”. This ten-track record is packed with singles that can put a smile on your face. It has a sweet spot in the hearts of every country fan.

George Strait was also known for putting a lot of emotion into his songs. And “Beyond the Blue Neon” is a great example of this. Many of George’s songs on this album have reached praise from critics and have even earned a spot at Billboard’s country chart back in 1989.

Reba McEntire – My kind of Country

The beautiful Reba McEntire makes a great spot on this list with her album “My kind of Country” considered by many to be a masterpiece beyond the sounds of country and probably the best work of Reba McEntire.

This being her 8th album, Reba shows her experience working with country music and ends up making an enjoyable album that is easy to listen, even if you aren’t well familiar with the classic sounds of Country music.

Alabama – Mountain Music

The mighty group Alabama finally makes their appearance in this list with “Mountain music”. This being their most successful album both commercially and musically, it shows a great performance with songs such as “Take me down” and the one that gives the title to the album, “Mountain Music”.

Alabama has a unique sound in the country music that makes them one-of-a-kind. Mountain Music was first introduced back in 1982. To this day, it stands as one of the most memorable classics of country music.

Country music definitively is one of the best genres to listen if you want songs that are filled with emotion and sweet melodies. With these classics, you’ll delight your ears with the sweet sounds of country music.

3 Tips to Follow When Designing a Listening Room

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January 30, 2019

Now if there’s something more important than choosing a record player to listen to your favorite vinyls it is the atmosphere. Something crucial to fulfilling the experience of the record is the ambient that surrounds you at the moment of listening to music.

The decoration and comfort of your listening room play a huge role when you try to appreciate the sounds that your vinyl record tries to give you. That’s why it is highly important to have a nice place to hear music, at least if you enjoy it as much as I enjoy doing.

Now a listening room is a place that is free of distractions. And one that also has a good sound device that allows you to listen to your music without any issue. One of the most important features of a listening room is that it has a good acoustic.

Now, this can be quite expensive and not many of us have an available room ready to be transformed into a listening place. That’s why I’m going to show you how to create a listening room that can be done with your budget and space available.

Choose Your Favorite Spot.

A common question that I receive when talking about a listening room is what is the best room in my house to listen to my records? And while a lot of people recommend having an intimate and dedicated room for your records. I choose the quite opposite. I suggest the possibility of playing your records in your favorite room of the house.

It might be in your living room or in a guest room. It doesn’t really matter since the qualities for a listening room is that it is a place where you can feel comfortable enjoying records and that has a good sound and acoustic. That can be the two most important factors to consider for your listening room.

Acoustic Treatment

Now I have been mentioning acoustics throughout the whole article. And that is because this element plays a significant role when we talk about listening rooms and enjoying music. A good acoustic can change the way we perceive music and can show the potential of a place to become your designated listening room.

Acoustic treatment can be done to one of your rooms if you feel like it, and it can make a remarkable difference the next time you play a record. There are many ways to achieve great acoustic and nowadays there are cheaper options available for you.

The Position of Your Speaker

Obviously, the sound system plays another important role when discussing listening rooms. It has to be great and capable to read a lot of formats of music, from vinyl and CDs to digital music and such. But a crucial factor is that it has to be in the right position in the room, because that way you can achieve a better sound quality.

Now you might think that a listening room doesn’t matter. But believe me that it can do the difference. Always remember to keep your listening area with your favorite albums and paintings. So you can captivate your eyes as you listen to the fresh sounds of vinyl through your sound system.

3 Things to Prevent Roaches into your Listening Room

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December 27, 2018

So today I was trying to listen to one of my favorite records on my studio. And after I put my vinyl in my record player I noticed something strange on the cover of my vinyl. After a quick inspection, I realized that a cockroach was lying down under the Vinyl.

Since my records are one of my most precious treasures, I started to deeply clean my vinyl collection and the furniture around the room. My cockroach problem was imminent when I found a couple of cockroaches roaming through the sofa.

So I decided to take this problem seriously and arrange a list of what are the best methods to get rid of these creatures and have your vinyl collection safe again. Keep in mind that these methods contain a set of rules that have to be followed carefully since a lot of steps involve the use of poison and other dangerous substances.

Using Boric Acid

Now boric acid is a traditional way to keep these little creatures off your vinyl collection. I recommend boric acid if you think your cockroach problem can be handled easily, it is pretty cheap and widely known for being effective.

Just by putting a little pinch of boric acid in the corners of the room or behind the pieces of furniture can be effective. Just remember to replace this product after mopping, since the powder can get wet and lose its efficiency.

The way boric acid works is by getting into the legs of the cockroaches as they walk by. They eat this powder and then get poisoned. Within a week or two they’ll die and leave their corpse as proof that the powder worked.

Roach Gel

If you are dealing with a lot of cockroaches in your studio and want to get rid of them fast, Roach gel might do the trick for you. Since it specializes in killing a lot of roaches quickly just by putting a small amount of gel in a corner or a crack on the floor.

This method is simple. If a cockroach eats a piece of the gel and goes to its nest, it will die in about two or three hours. After that, other cockroaches eat it and die as well. With just a single piece of gel, you can end up killing more than 30 cockroaches at once. Just remember to replace it weekly and you’ll be just fine.

Using Cockroach Bait

Bait is a good option if you think the other two can’t do the work. It is safe to say that this method is great if you have pets or kids in your home since it is almost impossible to get poisoned with the bait.

Just place the bait close the trashcan or under the sink. The bait works pretty similarly as the other methods and it can be replaced every three months or so. Making it useful in terms of durability if you think you are going to deal with cockroaches for a while.

Now with these three alternatives, you can finally end up your problem with cockroaches. And have a clean and safe place for your records. Keep in mind that keeping your place organized and clean can avoid having future problems with these little insects again.

7 Things to Know Before Owning Lots of Vinyl Albums

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November 29, 2018

If you are a fan of vinyl albums, or if you are looking forward to owning a collection, you must understand that there are some things you have to know before you go and buy lots of these albums. Here we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions when it comes to owning vinyls.

Should I Buy Vinyl?

If you have a 90’s baby soul, these records are the best recommendation for you.  Not only you’re going to get the beautiful aesthetic, but also the perfect sound and vibe that only a vinyl can give you. Vinyls allow you to feel the music, as it’s an even more personal take on music. It gives you the full experience of love and appreciation of this form of art by giving you a little inside of the artist’s mind and thoughts.

Is It Money-Friendly?

Even though a CD tends to be cheaper, the vinyl can actually return your investment. You can spend money on a vinyl today and you can re-sell it whenever you’d like… and get your money back!  you can even make more money out of it. Unlike CDs that are often really easy to find, you wouldn’t be able to re-sell them.

Are Analog And Vinyl Better Than Social Media?

It all really depends on your preferences. It is really hard to tell what’s better. The truth of the matter is that both of them are enjoyable. If you listen to the same song in a vinyl, a CD or through your phone you are most likely to not notice a difference.

Is The Sound Of Vinyl Different?

In a way, yes. Analog recording is different and has fewer details than digital recordings and the silences in the sound results in a slight subtraction of sound that’s very pleasing to hear.  Some people find certain “warmth” when listening to vinyl.

What Kind Of Device Should I Get To Play Them?

We recommend you buy a new turntable instead of a vintage one. Yes, vintage is cute and cool. But, it’s not the smartest decision to make, and when you buy a vintage turntable you are under the risk of it not sounding as good as a new one would.

Do I Need An Extravagant Stereo System With Lots Of Accessories?

If you want to take a good sound out of it, yes. To have the full-on experience of a vinyl it is recommended to have a good system of speakers.  Bad speakers can ruin a good sound, and you won’t be able to really enjoy the music, whereas, with good speakers, you can even make bad music sound better!

Where Should I Buy A Vinyl?

The good thing about a vinyl is that is very easy to find. You can either go to a record store and you will find many options to pick from. But, if you don’t live near a record store, there also options for you, you can go online and find tons of record stores where you’ll have even more options.

You can even buy it directly from the artist official page, and have it delivered to you in a matter of days

Vinyl can always be a fun way to listen to music, it helps to be in touch with the artist and gives a full experience of a good sound. It also helps you improve your taste in music. Vinyl is not going away any

3 Facts about Ashley Monroe’s New Hard On A Heart

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October 30, 2018

People say it is therapeutic to write your feelings down, as putting them on paper may help you work on them or get organized. For the American country music singer and songwriter Ashley Monroe, writing has always been a way for her to manage her feelings and emotions, mostly with anxiety.

In her new single Hard on a Heart and part of her new album Sparrow, Monroe talks a little bit about personal issues and her struggle with anxiety.

Health Issues

Ashley says she believes it all started when her father died. She was just a teenager, that is when the anxiety began and her heart started to beat too fast. Ever since that moment, she went to the doctor and they made all kind of studies on her heart but found everything to be ok. She has a healthy heart.

Dealing with Anxiety

She describes therapy-thon as the process of dealing with past traumas that needed it to be healed and the new challenges of life that keep her on an emotional journey. For her writing about all of that has helped, although her heart still triples its speed.

Writing and Recording The Single

Hard on a Heart is a song addressed to Monroe’s heart and the way she feels about her anxiety. The process of writing it and then recording it was totally different. She wrote it really slowly. She was trying to process everything. So when her producer Dave Cobb challenged her to speed it up, she thought she could not do it, but it actually sounded faster, more like her heartbeats.

It is common that songwriters express their own feelings in their songs, that is what makes them real and what helps fans to really bond with their favorite artists. Monroe is without any doubt a talented singer and the fact that she makes real talk in her songs is even better.

2 Bluegrass Artists Tied in the 2018s Grammys

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September 29, 2018

The Bluegrass Grammy Award is presented at the general ceremony of Grammy Awards, which, fun fact, was first called by the name of Gramophone Awards. This category praises the top quality works of artists who perform in the bluegrass music genre.

Some of the categories include those who value technical proficiency, excellence, album sales, positions in charts and honors to artistic achievements. All of these awards are given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of USA.

It Was a Pleasant Surprise

This event started as a single prize given to a performer of Bluegrass but continued to develop until being an event that rewards from producers to artists and albums from the genre. It is hosted once a year, and this year was as outstanding as the previous ones.

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards were celebrated on January 28th, 2018 in The Madison Square Garden, New York City.  And the bluegrass industry happened to be included in the list of award categories this year, being placed among some other music genres was a success for this kind of music industry.

Rhonda Vincent Stole the Show

This was the perfect night to give the opportunity to amazing artists to make history in the world of music and Rhonda Vincent and The Infamous Stringdusters took that chance. They were the highlight of the night, thanks to their many achievements that were recognized at the ceremony.

Rhonda Vincent has been nominee 7 times to the Grammys, before winning the award in 2018 with her album All the Rage: In Concert Volume One Live. With more than 40 decades of a successful career, The Wall Street Journal rightfully proclaimed her “The New Queen of Bluegrass”.

There Was a Well-Deserved Tie with The Infamous Stringdusters

On the contrary, The Infamous Stringdusters have been nominated only 2 times to the Grammys, winning in 2018 with their album Laws Of Gravity. But they outstand thanks to their experience that includes 12 years of career. Nowadays, The Infamous Stringdusters are a top-trending band acclaimed by bluegrass critics.

The night was epic when for the first time in the history of Best Bluegrass Album category, the results came on a tie, both Rhonda Vincent and The Rage and The Infamous Stringdusters came out as winners of the night.

It is always nice to see that genres that are not commonly popularized among young folks actually have a representation in events like these, that reward talent and amazing contributions to music. Bluegrass music is filled with many talented artists who deserve recognition from the industry.

Meet Grammy Winning Album All the Rage: In Concert by Rhonda Vincent

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August 30, 2018

After, being nominated seven times for a Grammy award, the proclaimed by The Wall Street Journal as the “New Queen of Bluegrass”, this year Rhonda Vincent finally got the award she deserved.

Making history, in the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, new Rhonda Vincent’s album ‘All the Rage: Volume One’ resulted in a tie. Being all that a fan could want and expect from its favorite artist her new compilation demonstrated that she can make of bluegrass a famous and well-known music genre.

‘The rage’ shows a complete journey from all her top and favorites hits with the live concert, which is a-must-see performance available in DVD for all her bluegrass music fans to feel closer with such kind of music.

The Recording Was Unforgettable

The album was recorded in Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee, where hundreds of spectators then could listen to the 14 tracks in 1-hour concert event that was one of the most satisfying experiences for all bluegrass music fans.


The opening song ’Muleskinner Blues’ is a perfect song to get people in the mood, although the CD has really good energy, and it also has two songs more country styled and slower than the rest of the album. Those songs, called ‘Missouri Moon’ and ‘I’ve Forgotten You’, were both a hit during the concert.

Her Voice Is Captivating

Throughout the album, Vincent does a great job. Her ranges and clear voice capture everyone listening. It also remarkable that, each member of the band had their chance to shine at least in one song, what shows the balance of talent among members of the band.

This album collects both relaxing and happy styles, which is the true spirit of Rhonda Vincent and The Rage, the satisfying and breathtaking sound of peace.

The album was released on November 11, 2016, and it is expected to have a second volume with more than 30 songs recorded that fan s expect to win Grammy again. There is not a date established yet, but sure fans cannot wait to see and listen what is next of Vincent and The Rage.